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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 archived streamed games here.
Annotated games will be here

Division B Low Spreads

60375375ASteve Balment (B7)Adrienne Berger (B3)
240394394BTemu Oluku (B11)Andy Becher (B2)
180349349BGeoff Cooper (B15)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
21416415AAndy Becher (B2)Steve Balment (B7)
211352351AAlison Sadler (B6)Peter Ashurst (B16)
251384383BPhilip Aldous (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
62337335BJill Parker (B10)Peter Ashurst (B16)
212394392BJill Parker (B10)Philip Aldous (B13)
72389387BPhilip Aldous (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
74397393BTemu Oluku (B11)Geoff Cooper (B15)
104378374BTemu Oluku (B11)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
64403399BAnn Golding (B14)Laura Finley (B12)
95379374AAlison Sadler (B6)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
195399394BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
115388383BLaura Finley (B12)Temu Oluku (B11)
95413408BPhilip Aldous (B13)Margaret Harkness (B9)
95391386BAnn Golding (B14)Adrienne Berger (B3)
116372366BJill Parker (B10)Margaret Harkness (B9)
67368361AMoira Conway (B4)Temu Oluku (B11)
27338331BLaura Finley (B12)Peter Ashurst (B16)
148331323ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Peter Ashurst (B16)
208407399BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Laura Finley (B12)
158385377BMargaret Harkness (B9)Geoff Cooper (B15)
179374365BTemu Oluku (B11)Steve Balment (B7)
2410401391AMoira Conway (B4)Adrienne Berger (B3)
510400390ASteve Balment (B7)Temu Oluku (B11)
1810385375BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
1911352341BMargaret Harkness (B9)Tom Wilson (B5)
913416403AAndy Becher (B2)Laura Finley (B12)
1715410395AAdrienne Berger (B3)Andy Becher (B2)
416361345AAndy Becher (B2)Ann Golding (B14)
516423407BJill Parker (B10)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
116401385BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
217386369BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Philip Aldous (B13)
2317390373BLaura Finley (B12)Margaret Harkness (B9)
618322304BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Geoff Cooper (B15)
1419415396BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Margaret Harkness (B9)
1519359340BAnn Golding (B14)Tom Wilson (B5)
720400380AAdrienne Berger (B3)Jill Parker (B10)
1220404384BMargaret Harkness (B9)Adrienne Berger (B3)
2421430409BPhilip Aldous (B13)Alison Sadler (B6)
1622385363AAlison Sadler (B6)Moira Conway (B4)
1423396373AAdrienne Berger (B3)Andy Becher (B2)
1323434411BGeoff Cooper (B15)Philip Aldous (B13)
1623427404BGeoff Cooper (B15)Peter Ashurst (B16)
2324373349ATom Wilson (B5)Peter Ashurst (B16)
1425406381AAlison Sadler (B6)Steve Balment (B7)
2325394369BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Alison Sadler (B6)
2225395370BJill Parker (B10)Margaret Harkness (B9)
1025409384BLaura Finley (B12)Geoff Cooper (B15)
1126429403AAlison Sadler (B6)Tom Wilson (B5)
1227368341BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Peter Ashurst (B16)
2228425397AAlison Sadler (B6)Tom Wilson (B5)
1028374346BMargaret Harkness (B9)Alison Sadler (B6)
1830399369BAnn Golding (B14)Margaret Harkness (B9)
231395364BJill Parker (B10)Geoff Cooper (B15)
1831374343BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
531443412BAnn Golding (B14)Moira Conway (B4)
1431364333BGeoff Cooper (B15)Ann Golding (B14)
2132419387BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
1533413380AMoira Conway (B4)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
333413380BMargaret Harkness (B9)Laura Finley (B12)
1233408375BLaura Finley (B12)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1734462428ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Jill Parker (B10)
2334397363AAndy Becher (B2)Moira Conway (B4)
1234396362BAnn Golding (B14)Jill Parker (B10)
1835426391BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
1036410374AAdrienne Berger (B3)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1636462426BLaura Finley (B12)Ann Golding (B14)
838418380AAlison Sadler (B6)Ann Golding (B14)
1639354315BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1840355315ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Peter Ashurst (B16)
740408368BAnn Golding (B14)Steve Balment (B7)
341459418ASteve Balment (B7)Jill Parker (B10)
841405364BMargaret Harkness (B9)Steve Balment (B7)
2141399358BAnn Golding (B14)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
342433391AAdrienne Berger (B3)Alison Sadler (B6)
842412370BTemu Oluku (B11)Tom Wilson (B5)
1042433391BPhilip Aldous (B13)Jill Parker (B10)
844408364ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Jill Parker (B10)
845418373AMoira Conway (B4)Peter Ashurst (B16)
945413368BTemu Oluku (B11)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1346426380AAdrienne Berger (B3)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
1047370323BAnn Golding (B14)Peter Ashurst (B16)
448407359AAdrienne Berger (B3)Peter Ashurst (B16)
148456408ATom Wilson (B5)Margaret Harkness (B9)
2548409361ATom Wilson (B5)Geoff Cooper (B15)
249364315AMoira Conway (B4)Margaret Harkness (B9)
1150492442AAndy Becher (B2)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
951403352ATom Wilson (B5)Peter Ashurst (B16)
2152414362AAndy Becher (B2)Temu Oluku (B11)
2452412360BPeter Ashurst (B16)Margaret Harkness (B9)
2053389336BMargaret Harkness (B9)Philip Aldous (B13)
554448394BLaura Finley (B12)Alison Sadler (B6)
2054449395BGeoff Cooper (B15)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1856432376AMoira Conway (B4)Philip Aldous (B13)
2456458402ASteve Balment (B7)Jill Parker (B10)
1756411355BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Peter Ashurst (B16)
1459456397ATom Wilson (B5)Moira Conway (B4)
1660418358ATom Wilson (B5)Philip Aldous (B13)
1460388328BPhilip Aldous (B13)Laura Finley (B12)
463420357BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
2063407344BJill Parker (B10)Tom Wilson (B5)
2263387324BLaura Finley (B12)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
2564444380AAndy Becher (B2)Temu Oluku (B11)
2364393329BJill Parker (B10)Philip Aldous (B13)
1965413348AAndy Becher (B2)Ann Golding (B14)
1565446381AAdrienne Berger (B3)Laura Finley (B12)
2565461396BJill Parker (B10)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
265427362BTemu Oluku (B11)Alison Sadler (B6)
1666425359BMargaret Harkness (B9)Jill Parker (B10)
2267427360BGeoff Cooper (B15)Peter Ashurst (B16)
1268434366AAndy Becher (B2)Temu Oluku (B11)
2068454386AAlison Sadler (B6)Peter Ashurst (B16)
468428360BGeoff Cooper (B15)Tom Wilson (B5)
1269463394AMoira Conway (B4)Philip Aldous (B13)
270441371ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Ann Golding (B14)
2070463393AAndy Becher (B2)Adrienne Berger (B3)
2071444373BTemu Oluku (B11)Ann Golding (B14)
1171386315BPhilip Aldous (B13)Ann Golding (B14)
1771427356BAnn Golding (B14)Tom Wilson (B5)
1771397326BGeoff Cooper (B15)Alison Sadler (B6)
472432360BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1773437364AMoira Conway (B4)Laura Finley (B12)
673432359BPhilip Aldous (B13)Alison Sadler (B6)
2274433359AAdrienne Berger (B3)Steve Balment (B7)
575391316AAdrienne Berger (B3)Geoff Cooper (B15)
2380405325ASteve Balment (B7)Ann Golding (B14)
580430350BMargaret Harkness (B9)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
282424342ATom Wilson (B5)Adrienne Berger (B3)
1082390308ATom Wilson (B5)Andy Becher (B2)
785410325BMargaret Harkness (B9)Peter Ashurst (B16)
1486503417BTemu Oluku (B11)Jill Parker (B10)
2188516428ASteve Balment (B7)Adrienne Berger (B3)
1289399310AAlison Sadler (B6)Geoff Cooper (B15)
790460370AMoira Conway (B4)Alison Sadler (B6)
190450360BJill Parker (B10)Laura Finley (B12)
2490437347BLaura Finley (B12)Geoff Cooper (B15)
1391413322AAlison Sadler (B6)Andy Becher (B2)
692395303BMargaret Harkness (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
1593454361ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Alison Sadler (B6)
2496423327ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Ann Golding (B14)
996477381BJill Parker (B10)Moira Conway (B4)
499488389AMoira Conway (B4)Laura Finley (B12)
18100473373ASteve Balment (B7)Andy Becher (B2)
25101432331BPeter Ashurst (B16)Ann Golding (B14)
3102460358ATom Wilson (B5)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
8103461358AAdrienne Berger (B3)Philip Aldous (B13)
15106420314BTemu Oluku (B11)Philip Aldous (B13)
19106435329BGeoff Cooper (B15)Peter Ashurst (B16)
19107490383AMoira Conway (B4)Steve Balment (B7)
16108445337BTemu Oluku (B11)Andy Becher (B2)
24112441329ATom Wilson (B5)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
13113442329ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Moira Conway (B4)
25115467352AMoira Conway (B4)Steve Balment (B7)
22116472356AMoira Conway (B4)Ann Golding (B14)
10116461345ASteve Balment (B7)Moira Conway (B4)
22117437320BPhilip Aldous (B13)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
21119506387AMoira Conway (B4)Margaret Harkness (B9)
8119460341BLaura Finley (B12)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
25120437317BLaura Finley (B12)Adrienne Berger (B3)
11122433311BPeter Ashurst (B16)Geoff Cooper (B15)
23123413290ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Geoff Cooper (B15)
13124493369BTemu Oluku (B11)Peter Ashurst (B16)
4125463338ASteve Balment (B7)Philip Aldous (B13)
1128501373ASteve Balment (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
13129442313ASteve Balment (B7)Laura Finley (B12)
5133476343BPhilip Aldous (B13)Tom Wilson (B5)
9134419285ASteve Balment (B7)Geoff Cooper (B15)
19135475340BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
19135417282BPhilip Aldous (B13)Laura Finley (B12)
6140426286ATom Wilson (B5)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
11141469328BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Steve Balment (B7)
13143405262ATom Wilson (B5)Jill Parker (B10)
1144466322BPeter Ashurst (B16)Alison Sadler (B6)
15148500352AAndy Becher (B2)Jill Parker (B10)
5150426276AAndy Becher (B2)Peter Ashurst (B16)
4153485332BTemu Oluku (B11)Margaret Harkness (B9)
23154506352BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
3156432276BPhilip Aldous (B13)Peter Ashurst (B16)
15159488329ASteve Balment (B7)Peter Ashurst (B16)
25159475316BMargaret Harkness (B9)Alison Sadler (B6)
11160470310AMoira Conway (B4)Adrienne Berger (B3)
7160453293BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
1161450289BGeoff Cooper (B15)Moira Conway (B4)
22162463301AAndy Becher (B2)Temu Oluku (B11)
13162455293BAnn Golding (B14)Margaret Harkness (B9)
12164527363ASteve Balment (B7)Tom Wilson (B5)
19167417250AAdrienne Berger (B3)Temu Oluku (B11)
20187586399ASteve Balment (B7)Moira Conway (B4)
3188491303ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Geoff Cooper (B15)
1190536346BAnn Golding (B14)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
7192521329AAndy Becher (B2)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
1197476279AAndy Becher (B2)Philip Aldous (B13)
16198462264AAdrienne Berger (B3)Steve Balment (B7)
8200493293AAndy Becher (B2)Geoff Cooper (B15)
3205502297BTemu Oluku (B11)Ann Golding (B14)
17218464246BPhilip Aldous (B13)Margaret Harkness (B9)
21230502272ASuzanne Dundas (B1)Geoff Cooper (B15)
3271533262AAndy Becher (B2)Moira Conway (B4)

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