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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 livestream games here.
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Division A Round 23 Scores

Simmons(GM), Allan1546Zolty, Natalie11344202
Khatri, Waseem2504Andronowski(Exp), Piotr641391
Koenig, David4431Mackay(GM), Lewis341417
Robertshaw(GM), Phil5518Kelly(GM), Wayne7318200
Vicary, Chris8541Grossman(Exp), Barry16390151
Northmore, Colin9456Squires, James1041442
Richards, Karen14461Violett(Exp), Bob1242239
Pinner, Matthew15479Richland, Kathy2539683
Eames, Andrew17453Wheelwright, Fern2236489
Healy, Mick19455Brodie, Stewart29294161
Judge, Orla20391Richland(Exp), Robert1337813
Sweetlove, Kate21485Dixon-Baird, Ivy30282203
Stanton, Donna24417Thorpe, Peter274134
Huitson, Nicky26414Shenkin, David2336351
Crouch, Lorraine28414MacInerney, Ruth184068

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