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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 livestream games here.
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Division A Round 11 Scores

Simmons(GM), Allan1499Richland(Exp), Robert13376123
Mackay(GM), Lewis3484Northmore, Colin941965
Koenig, David4467Vicary, Chris839275
Robertshaw(GM), Phil5402Zolty, Natalie1138913
Andronowski(Exp), Piotr6474Kelly(GM), Wayne7343131
Violett(Exp), Bob12602Pinner, Matthew15347255
Richards, Karen14416Grossman(Exp), Barry16276140
Eames, Andrew17423Khatri, Waseem239429
MacInerney, Ruth18406Richland, Kathy2531096
Healy, Mick19431Dixon-Baird, Ivy3038744
Judge, Orla20430Brodie, Stewart29330100
Sweetlove, Kate21425Squires, James1035768
Stanton, Donna24483Shenkin, David2341568
Huitson, Nicky26596Crouch, Lorraine28307289
Thorpe, Peter27361Wheelwright, Fern2230952

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