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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
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Division A Round 11 Ratings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
110–1+880194217+23ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)1W:484-419:A9replies vs. A4 @1
29–2+494191205+14APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)1W:402-389:A11replies vs. A13 @2
38–3+970186197+11APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)2W:474-343:A7replies vs. A11 @3
47–4+732192177−15ADavid Koenig (A4)1W:467-392:A8starts vs. A3 @1
57–4+237159174+15BKaren Richards (A14)1W:416-276:A16replies vs. A1 @8
67–4+202165182+17BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)2L:376-499:A1starts vs. A5 @2
77–4+148154178+24BAndrew Eames (A17)2W:423-394:A2starts vs. A22 @7
87–4+113179191+12AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)1L:343-474:A6replies vs. A9 @6
97–4+39200189−11AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)1W:499-376:A13starts vs. A14 @8
106–5+555195179−16AWaseem Khatri (A2)1L:394-423:A17replies vs. A8 @4
116–5+526170170+0BNatalie Zolty (A11)2L:389-402:A5starts vs. A6 @3
126–5+330148160+12CKate Sweetlove (A21)1W:425-357:A10replies vs. A16 @11
136–5+113175165−10AChris Vicary (A8)2L:392-467:A4starts vs. A2 @4
146–5+76172175+3AColin Northmore (A9)2L:419-484:A3starts vs. A7 @6
156–5+34148168+20COrla Judge (A20)1W:430-330:A29starts vs. A25 @5
166–5−98147164+17CFern Wheelwright (A22)1L:309-361:A27replies vs. A17 @7
175–6−113159152−7BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)2L:276-416:A14starts vs. A21 @11
185–6−280137150+13CStewart Brodie (A29)2L:330-430:A20starts vs. A10 @9
195–6−342140150+10CPeter Thorpe (A27)2W:361-309:A22starts vs. A26 @10
205–6−493145152+7CKathy Richland (A25)1L:310-406:A18replies vs. A20 @5
214–7−120150137−13BMick Healy (A19)1W:431-387:A30replies vs. A24 @12
224–7−191171150−21AJames Squires (A10)2L:357-425:A21replies vs. A29 @9
234–7−277152137−15BRuth MacInerney (A18)2W:406-310:A25starts vs. A12 @15
244–7−471134141+7CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)2L:387-431:A19starts vs. A28 @13
254–7−524137146+9CLorraine Crouch (A28)2L:307-596:A26replies vs. A30 @13
263½–7½−197169145−24BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)1W:602-347:A15replies vs. A18 @15
273½–7½−425145135−10CDonna Stanton (A24)1W:483-415:A23starts vs. A19 @12
283½–7½−442147136−11CDavid Shenkin (A23)2L:415-483:A24starts vs. A15 @14
292½–8½−606143124−19CNicky Huitson (A26)1W:596-307:A28replies vs. A27 @10
301–10−870159115−44BMatthew Pinner (A15)2L:347-602:A12replies vs. A23 @14

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