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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 archived streamed games here.
Annotated games will be here

Division A High Losses

25486557AWaseem Khatri (A2)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
6477498AWaseem Khatri (A2)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
14464504CKathy Richland (A25)Peter Thorpe (A27)
6462489COrla Judge (A20)Natalie Zolty (A11)
9461521AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Colin Northmore (A9)
18461479ADavid Koenig (A4)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
22454483ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
20454492CLorraine Crouch (A28)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
25453473BKaren Richards (A14)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
15452475BKaren Richards (A14)Waseem Khatri (A2)
25452481BMatthew Pinner (A15)James Squires (A10)
14451509CKate Sweetlove (A21)Waseem Khatri (A2)
5449477ADavid Koenig (A4)James Squires (A10)
8447462CFern Wheelwright (A22)Karen Richards (A14)
18446490ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
15445488CFern Wheelwright (A22)Nicky Huitson (A26)
1444448CDonna Stanton (A24)Matthew Pinner (A15)
13443508BAndrew Eames (A17)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
24442518ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Waseem Khatri (A2)
8439465BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
8438448AWaseem Khatri (A2)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
10438441BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
20437468APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)David Koenig (A4)
20437513BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Natalie Zolty (A11)
9437475BMatthew Pinner (A15)Nicky Huitson (A26)
9434449COrla Judge (A20)Andrew Eames (A17)
7433532BAndrew Eames (A17)Colin Northmore (A9)
2431505COrla Judge (A20)Waseem Khatri (A2)
3430432CKate Sweetlove (A21)Stewart Brodie (A29)
21429440BKaren Richards (A14)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
19429455BAndrew Eames (A17)James Squires (A10)
4427431AChris Vicary (A8)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
3426466BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
18424500BMatthew Pinner (A15)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
2423427AJames Squires (A10)Andrew Eames (A17)
15423442BRuth MacInerney (A18)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
5422462AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Waseem Khatri (A2)
23422461BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Karen Richards (A14)
15421432AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
13421444AJames Squires (A10)Nicky Huitson (A26)
25421437CFern Wheelwright (A22)Mick Healy (A19)
6420432CKate Sweetlove (A21)David Koenig (A4)
12420425CKate Sweetlove (A21)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
16419506APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
11419484AColin Northmore (A9)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
12419420CNicky Huitson (A26)Peter Thorpe (A27)
4418448BMatthew Pinner (A15)Karen Richards (A14)
12417435ADavid Koenig (A4)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
2417438CLorraine Crouch (A28)Karen Richards (A14)
15416468ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Orla Judge (A20)
14416431AJames Squires (A10)Donna Stanton (A24)
21415527AWaseem Khatri (A2)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
20415440ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Waseem Khatri (A2)
5415419APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
11415483CDavid Shenkin (A23)Donna Stanton (A24)
23414431ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)David Koenig (A4)
12414447AChris Vicary (A8)Waseem Khatri (A2)
23414456AJames Squires (A10)Colin Northmore (A9)
5414447BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Chris Vicary (A8)
25414432COrla Judge (A20)Chris Vicary (A8)
6414436CNicky Huitson (A26)Donna Stanton (A24)
23413504APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Waseem Khatri (A2)
19413527BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
23413417CPeter Thorpe (A27)Donna Stanton (A24)
19412455ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
7412441BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
1412487BRuth MacInerney (A18)Orla Judge (A20)
12412422CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
9411486ALewis Mackay(GM) (A3)Natalie Zolty (A11)
4411457APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
5411456CKate Sweetlove (A21)Peter Thorpe (A27)
3410431BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
25410592CDavid Shenkin (A23)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
1409430AChris Vicary (A8)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
24409432CKate Sweetlove (A21)Karen Richards (A14)
18409528CFern Wheelwright (A22)Colin Northmore (A9)
2408515CDavid Shenkin (A23)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
13407560AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Chris Vicary (A8)
4407506AColin Northmore (A9)Waseem Khatri (A2)
2407450BMatthew Pinner (A15)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
6407439BMatthew Pinner (A15)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
1406415BNatalie Zolty (A11)Colin Northmore (A9)
24406465BMatthew Pinner (A15)Chris Vicary (A8)
23406414BRuth MacInerney (A18)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
13406455CKate Sweetlove (A21)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
16406412CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Donna Stanton (A24)
18405458AChris Vicary (A8)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
13404428AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Natalie Zolty (A11)
24402483APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)David Koenig (A4)
19401409AChris Vicary (A8)Karen Richards (A14)
7401436BMick Healy (A19)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
20401404BMick Healy (A19)Andrew Eames (A17)
19401406CStewart Brodie (A29)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
19401424CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
4400422AJames Squires (A10)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
24400495COrla Judge (A20)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
2399602CKathy Richland (A25)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
7399426CKathy Richland (A25)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
25398541AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
14398513AChris Vicary (A8)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
7398530BMatthew Pinner (A15)David Koenig (A4)
9398433BRuth MacInerney (A18)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
10398421BRuth MacInerney (A18)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
9398399CDavid Shenkin (A23)Peter Thorpe (A27)
4397438ADavid Koenig (A4)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
3397486BNatalie Zolty (A11)Waseem Khatri (A2)
9397461BMick Healy (A19)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
7396485BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
14396480COrla Judge (A20)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
23396479CKathy Richland (A25)Matthew Pinner (A15)
12396422CStewart Brodie (A29)James Squires (A10)
22395438BMatthew Pinner (A15)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
11394423AWaseem Khatri (A2)Andrew Eames (A17)
9394501AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
13394480BRuth MacInerney (A18)David Shenkin (A23)
2394546CNicky Huitson (A26)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
13393413AWaseem Khatri (A2)David Koenig (A4)
7393520AChris Vicary (A8)David Shenkin (A23)
10393533COrla Judge (A20)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
10393430CPeter Thorpe (A27)Donna Stanton (A24)
17392421ADavid Koenig (A4)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
20392404APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
11392467AChris Vicary (A8)David Koenig (A4)
14392429BAndrew Eames (A17)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
20392406CDonna Stanton (A24)Stewart Brodie (A29)
9392394CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Kathy Richland (A25)
21391513AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Orla Judge (A20)
18390427AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Waseem Khatri (A2)
3390436ADavid Koenig (A4)Karen Richards (A14)
23390541BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Chris Vicary (A8)
1389393ADavid Koenig (A4)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
11389402BNatalie Zolty (A11)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
8389421BMatthew Pinner (A15)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
5389424CLorraine Crouch (A28)Colin Northmore (A9)
4389403CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)David Shenkin (A23)
15389540CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)James Squires (A10)
8388515AJames Squires (A10)Orla Judge (A20)
2388415BRuth MacInerney (A18)Colin Northmore (A9)
2388566CFern Wheelwright (A22)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
19388408CKathy Richland (A25)Mick Healy (A19)
11387431CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Mick Healy (A19)
8386433APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
20386431CFern Wheelwright (A22)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
12385464BNatalie Zolty (A11)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
1384482BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)James Squires (A10)
14384391CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
16383486APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)David Koenig (A4)
14383426AColin Northmore (A9)Mick Healy (A19)
8383404CLorraine Crouch (A28)Stewart Brodie (A29)
10382484AWaseem Khatri (A2)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
3382403AColin Northmore (A9)Orla Judge (A20)
22382383CFern Wheelwright (A22)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
25381461ADavid Koenig (A4)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
10381388AJames Squires (A10)Chris Vicary (A8)
16381568BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
17381455BMick Healy (A19)Peter Thorpe (A27)
4381441CKate Sweetlove (A21)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
10380527AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
12380436AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Karen Richards (A14)
8380437BRuth MacInerney (A18)Mick Healy (A19)
6379476AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
9379396AWaseem Khatri (A2)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
1379409CKate Sweetlove (A21)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
17379406CStewart Brodie (A29)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
22378415AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Waseem Khatri (A2)
23378391BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Orla Judge (A20)
17377450CKate Sweetlove (A21)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
3377392CFern Wheelwright (A22)Chris Vicary (A8)
7377495CPeter Thorpe (A27)Stewart Brodie (A29)
2377394CStewart Brodie (A29)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
11376499BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
2376393BMick Healy (A19)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
19376397CKate Sweetlove (A21)Matthew Pinner (A15)
21376379CKate Sweetlove (A21)Matthew Pinner (A15)
20376387CDavid Shenkin (A23)Karen Richards (A14)
10375420AColin Northmore (A9)David Koenig (A4)
7375445CNicky Huitson (A26)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
16374415AColin Northmore (A9)Peter Thorpe (A27)
6374376BKaren Richards (A14)Andrew Eames (A17)
17374457BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Waseem Khatri (A2)
20374527COrla Judge (A20)Colin Northmore (A9)
3374439CDavid Shenkin (A23)James Squires (A10)
22373395BRuth MacInerney (A18)Mick Healy (A19)
12373478CDonna Stanton (A24)Mick Healy (A19)
1373478CNicky Huitson (A26)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
22372445BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Chris Vicary (A8)
16372492BAndrew Eames (A17)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
12372475BRuth MacInerney (A18)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
4372418BMick Healy (A19)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
19371460AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
16370376CKate Sweetlove (A21)David Shenkin (A23)
21369476CDavid Shenkin (A23)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
1369535CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
8368424BNatalie Zolty (A11)Andrew Eames (A17)
22368436BNatalie Zolty (A11)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
9368503BKaren Richards (A14)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
3368460BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
1368400BAndrew Eames (A17)David Shenkin (A23)
13368471CStewart Brodie (A29)Donna Stanton (A24)
5367410BKaren Richards (A14)Orla Judge (A20)
18367453BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Orla Judge (A20)
25367377CNicky Huitson (A26)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
13366457BMatthew Pinner (A15)Mick Healy (A19)
16365418AWaseem Khatri (A2)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
20365386AJames Squires (A10)Chris Vicary (A8)
15365528BAndrew Eames (A17)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
20365456CKathy Richland (A25)Matthew Pinner (A15)
2365482CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
5364561APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
22364434APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)David Koenig (A4)
10364422BNatalie Zolty (A11)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
21364445BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Chris Vicary (A8)
5364365BAndrew Eames (A17)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
17364446COrla Judge (A20)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
23364453CFern Wheelwright (A22)Andrew Eames (A17)
1363464BKaren Richards (A14)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
15363374BMick Healy (A19)Stewart Brodie (A29)
23363414CDavid Shenkin (A23)Nicky Huitson (A26)
3363466CDonna Stanton (A24)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
2362526CDonna Stanton (A24)David Koenig (A4)
14361446BRuth MacInerney (A18)Matthew Pinner (A15)
6361434BMick Healy (A19)Peter Thorpe (A27)
7360438AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
16360404BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Stewart Brodie (A29)
18360439BRuth MacInerney (A18)Nicky Huitson (A26)
15360384CPeter Thorpe (A27)Matthew Pinner (A15)
19358457BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)David Koenig (A4)
25358551BAndrew Eames (A17)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
15358466CKate Sweetlove (A21)Donna Stanton (A24)
11357425AJames Squires (A10)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
8357628BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)David Koenig (A4)
13357423CKathy Richland (A25)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
15356417BNatalie Zolty (A11)Chris Vicary (A8)
18356442BAndrew Eames (A17)Peter Thorpe (A27)
8356410CDonna Stanton (A24)Kathy Richland (A25)
6355418APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
24355468BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
6355472BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Chris Vicary (A8)
22355530BAndrew Eames (A17)James Squires (A10)
1355382BMick Healy (A19)Kathy Richland (A25)
4355432CDonna Stanton (A24)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
17355474CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Nicky Huitson (A26)
21354687BNatalie Zolty (A11)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
20354403CKate Sweetlove (A21)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
14353546BKaren Richards (A14)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
7353498COrla Judge (A20)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
12351508BMatthew Pinner (A15)David Shenkin (A23)
16351477BMick Healy (A19)Chris Vicary (A8)
8351417CPeter Thorpe (A27)Chris Vicary (A8)
13351420CLorraine Crouch (A28)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
17350442APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
3350443BMatthew Pinner (A15)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
10350427BAndrew Eames (A17)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
21350434BMick Healy (A19)Nicky Huitson (A26)
25350445CPeter Thorpe (A27)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
9350502CStewart Brodie (A29)David Koenig (A4)
22350503CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
22349576BKaren Richards (A14)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
3349458BRuth MacInerney (A18)Peter Thorpe (A27)
12348512AColin Northmore (A9)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A7)
6348399BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)James Squires (A10)
19348412CDonna Stanton (A24)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
16348491CLorraine Crouch (A28)James Squires (A10)
14347422BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Natalie Zolty (A11)
11347602BMatthew Pinner (A15)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
25347511CKate Sweetlove (A21)Colin Northmore (A9)
3347404CNicky Huitson (A26)Mick Healy (A19)
20347452CNicky Huitson (A26)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
4346422BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Andrew Eames (A17)
5346461CDonna Stanton (A24)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
21346370CLorraine Crouch (A28)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
15345497BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)David Koenig (A4)
6345418CDavid Shenkin (A23)Stewart Brodie (A29)
9345448CLorraine Crouch (A28)Chris Vicary (A8)
23344546BNatalie Zolty (A11)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
18344389CStewart Brodie (A29)David Shenkin (A23)
14343423APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)David Koenig (A4)
11343474AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
17343450CFern Wheelwright (A22)Natalie Zolty (A11)
21343445CStewart Brodie (A29)James Squires (A10)
18342445BKaren Richards (A14)Donna Stanton (A24)
7340558AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Waseem Khatri (A2)
8340546CDavid Shenkin (A23)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
14339376BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
21339431CPeter Thorpe (A27)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
7339455CLorraine Crouch (A28)Natalie Zolty (A11)
13338440BKaren Richards (A14)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
24337412AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
21336500AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)David Koenig (A4)
17335495AJames Squires (A10)Kathy Richland (A25)
7334431AJames Squires (A10)Karen Richards (A14)
5334423BMatthew Pinner (A15)Natalie Zolty (A11)
10334464BMatthew Pinner (A15)Kathy Richland (A25)
10334385BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
17334407BAndrew Eames (A17)Karen Richards (A14)
5334405CNicky Huitson (A26)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
19334468CLorraine Crouch (A28)Nicky Huitson (A26)
22334401CStewart Brodie (A29)Nicky Huitson (A26)
13333552BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)Colin Northmore (A9)
18333381CKate Sweetlove (A21)Bob Violett(Exp) (A12)
19332599AColin Northmore (A9)Waseem Khatri (A2)
4332401CPeter Thorpe (A27)Orla Judge (A20)
3332507CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Andrew Eames (A17)
24331448BRobert Richland(Exp) (A13)David Shenkin (A23)
24330352CPeter Thorpe (A27)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
11330430CStewart Brodie (A29)Orla Judge (A20)
21329427CDonna Stanton (A24)Andrew Eames (A17)
6329514CKathy Richland (A25)Colin Northmore (A9)
2328329AChris Vicary (A8)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
8328437AColin Northmore (A9)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
5328423CDavid Shenkin (A23)Mick Healy (A19)
15326450APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)Colin Northmore (A9)
24326452BMick Healy (A19)Natalie Zolty (A11)
15326504CDavid Shenkin (A23)Kathy Richland (A25)
7326361CDonna Stanton (A24)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
10323434BMick Healy (A19)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
12321421APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
16320407COrla Judge (A20)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
17319438AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
23318518AWayne Kelly(GM) (A7)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
24316464CNicky Huitson (A26)Andrew Eames (A17)
24314350CKathy Richland (A25)Stewart Brodie (A29)
5314382CStewart Brodie (A29)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
18313552CKathy Richland (A25)Lorraine Crouch (A28)
17311459CDonna Stanton (A24)David Shenkin (A23)
6311535CLorraine Crouch (A28)Robert Richland(Exp) (A13)
10311480CStewart Brodie (A29)Karen Richards (A14)
18310430BMick Healy (A19)James Squires (A10)
24310434CFern Wheelwright (A22)Donna Stanton (A24)
19310455CDavid Shenkin (A23)Orla Judge (A20)
5310407CKathy Richland (A25)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
11310406CKathy Richland (A25)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
11309361CFern Wheelwright (A22)Peter Thorpe (A27)
17307462BRuth MacInerney (A18)Matthew Pinner (A15)
11307596CLorraine Crouch (A28)Nicky Huitson (A26)
1307480CStewart Brodie (A29)Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)
9305413AJames Squires (A10)Fern Wheelwright (A22)
12305440CKathy Richland (A25)Orla Judge (A20)
16305500CKathy Richland (A25)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
14304448CLorraine Crouch (A28)David Shenkin (A23)
12303459CFern Wheelwright (A22)Andrew Eames (A17)
21302498AColin Northmore (A9)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
22302439AColin Northmore (A9)Orla Judge (A20)
25302492BNatalie Zolty (A11)Donna Stanton (A24)
4302628BRuth MacInerney (A18)Natalie Zolty (A11)
22301502CKathy Richland (A25)Donna Stanton (A24)
2301419CPeter Thorpe (A27)Natalie Zolty (A11)
14300539CNicky Huitson (A26)Stewart Brodie (A29)
24299400BRuth MacInerney (A18)James Squires (A10)
17298553AChris Vicary (A8)Colin Northmore (A9)
6298471CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
13297472CPeter Thorpe (A27)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
16295355BMatthew Pinner (A15)Nicky Huitson (A26)
23294455CStewart Brodie (A29)Mick Healy (A19)
24293511AColin Northmore (A9)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
4293478CFern Wheelwright (A22)Stewart Brodie (A29)
25292458CStewart Brodie (A29)Ivy Dixon-Baird (A30)
20291443CPeter Thorpe (A27)Allan Simmons(GM) (A1)
3288546CKathy Richland (A25)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
23282485CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
19280482CPeter Thorpe (A27)Natalie Zolty (A11)
11276416BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A16)Karen Richards (A14)
16275445BKaren Richards (A14)Natalie Zolty (A11)
4275435CNicky Huitson (A26)Kathy Richland (A25)
1269511BBob Violett(Exp) (A12)Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6)
25265501CKathy Richland (A25)Barry Grossman(Exp) (A16)
22265373CPeter Thorpe (A27)David Shenkin (A23)
18258510BNatalie Zolty (A11)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5)
1258472CPeter Thorpe (A27)Waseem Khatri (A2)
8250546CNicky Huitson (A26)Kate Sweetlove (A21)
21224572CIvy Dixon-Baird (A30)Kathy Richland (A25)

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