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Heart of England

Division D Round 7 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+287Adrian Bailey (D2)2W:378-294:D3
25–2+359Stephen Robinson (D3)1L:294-378:D2
35–2+217Chris Bluett (D4)1W:397-325:D15
45–2+66Jack Mitchell (D11)2W:402-391:D6
54½–2½+164Paul Walford (D1)1W:389-287:D9
64–3+175Paul Cartman (D7)1W:347-277:D12
74–3+24Ann Lewis (D15)2L:325-397:D4
84–3+5Ken Bird (D5)2W:379-298:D13
94–3−43Val Hoskings (D6)1L:391-402:D11
103–4+174Julie Preston (D17)2W:425-276:D10
113–4+108Christine Cartman (D9)2L:287-389:D1
123–4+10Gillian James (D12)2L:277-347:D7
133–4−51Patricia Quirke (D14)1W:342-300:D16
143–4−110Adrian Noller (D13)1L:298-379:D5
153–4−339Charles Martin (D10)1L:276-425:D17
162½–4½−135Carmen Toscano (D8)1W:340-306:D18
171–6−253Clare Boarder (D16)2L:300-342:D14
180–7−658Wendy Conway (D18)2L:306-340:D8

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