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Heart of England

Division D Round 1 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
22Julie Preston (D17) *starts* vs. Paul Walford (D1)
23Carmen Toscano (D8) *starts* vs. Jack Mitchell (D11)
24Clare Boarder (D16) *starts* vs. Adrian Bailey (D2)
25Val Hoskings (D6) *starts* vs. Gillian James (D12)
26Wendy Conway (D18) *starts* vs. Stephen Robinson (D3)
27Chris Bluett (D4) *starts* vs. Christine Cartman (D9)
28Adrian Noller (D13) *starts* vs. Paul Cartman (D7)
29Charles Martin (D10) *starts* vs. Patricia Quirke (D14)
30Ken Bird (D5) *starts* vs. Ann Lewis (D15)

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