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Heart of England

Division D High Losses

5465472Patricia Quirke (D14)Val Hoskings (D6)
3413416Adrian Bailey (D2)Val Hoskings (D6)
2408456Adrian Noller (D13)Ken Bird (D5)
5404441Charles Martin (D10)Jack Mitchell (D11)
2402439Paul Cartman (D7)Ann Lewis (D15)
5398404Christine Cartman (D9)Stephen Robinson (D3)
7391402Val Hoskings (D6)Jack Mitchell (D11)
3388418Stephen Robinson (D3)Chris Bluett (D4)
1386428Val Hoskings (D6)Gillian James (D12)
3383439Ken Bird (D5)Paul Cartman (D7)
6382388Christine Cartman (D9)Adrian Bailey (D2)
4375428Gillian James (D12)Patricia Quirke (D14)
5373435Wendy Conway (D18)Clare Boarder (D16)
5371377Chris Bluett (D4)Adrian Bailey (D2)
6370388Clare Boarder (D16)Adrian Noller (D13)
4370489Wendy Conway (D18)Adrian Noller (D13)
4368371Ann Lewis (D15)Christine Cartman (D9)
4365391Paul Cartman (D7)Charles Martin (D10)
4365420Clare Boarder (D16)Carmen Toscano (D8)
6361377Patricia Quirke (D14)Ann Lewis (D15)
3361380Julie Preston (D17)Jack Mitchell (D11)
1358383Patricia Quirke (D14)Charles Martin (D10)
2357413Clare Boarder (D16)Val Hoskings (D6)
6355395Paul Cartman (D7)Val Hoskings (D6)
4354366Chris Bluett (D4)Paul Walford (D1)
2352399Carmen Toscano (D8)Julie Preston (D17)
1349351Christine Cartman (D9)Chris Bluett (D4)
1349427Ann Lewis (D15)Ken Bird (D5)
6348412Paul Walford (D1)Stephen Robinson (D3)
5346409Paul Walford (D1)Paul Cartman (D7)
2343379Gillian James (D12)Adrian Bailey (D2)
1343432Adrian Noller (D13)Paul Cartman (D7)
2337421Jack Mitchell (D11)Paul Walford (D1)
1335397Carmen Toscano (D8)Jack Mitchell (D11)
5335415Gillian James (D12)Ann Lewis (D15)
1334403Clare Boarder (D16)Adrian Bailey (D2)
3333348Wendy Conway (D18)Patricia Quirke (D14)
5331346Carmen Toscano (D8)Adrian Noller (D13)
2329505Charles Martin (D10)Stephen Robinson (D3)
3328372Adrian Noller (D13)Ann Lewis (D15)
4326422Val Hoskings (D6)Stephen Robinson (D3)
3326401Clare Boarder (D16)Gillian James (D12)
7325397Ann Lewis (D15)Chris Bluett (D4)
6320420Carmen Toscano (D8)Charles Martin (D10)
1319412Julie Preston (D17)Paul Walford (D1)
4316405Julie Preston (D17)Adrian Bailey (D2)
3312440Charles Martin (D10)Christine Cartman (D9)
6309513Wendy Conway (D18)Julie Preston (D17)
7306340Wendy Conway (D18)Carmen Toscano (D8)
6305323Jack Mitchell (D11)Chris Bluett (D4)
7300342Clare Boarder (D16)Patricia Quirke (D14)
2300393Wendy Conway (D18)Christine Cartman (D9)
7298379Adrian Noller (D13)Ken Bird (D5)
7294378Stephen Robinson (D3)Adrian Bailey (D2)
5293318Julie Preston (D17)Ken Bird (D5)
2292405Patricia Quirke (D14)Chris Bluett (D4)
7287389Christine Cartman (D9)Paul Walford (D1)
4281320Ken Bird (D5)Jack Mitchell (D11)
7277347Gillian James (D12)Paul Cartman (D7)
7276425Charles Martin (D10)Julie Preston (D17)
1270401Wendy Conway (D18)Stephen Robinson (D3)
6268400Ken Bird (D5)Gillian James (D12)

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