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Heart of England

Division D Round 5 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
22Adrian Bailey (D2) startsChris Bluett (D4) replies
26Ken Bird (D5) startsJulie Preston (D17) replies
22Chris Bluett (D4) repliesAdrian Bailey (D2) starts
30Clare Boarder (D16) repliesWendy Conway (D18) starts
24Christine Cartman (D9) startsStephen Robinson (D3) replies
28Paul Cartman (D7) repliesPaul Walford (D1) starts
30Wendy Conway (D18) startsClare Boarder (D16) replies
23Val Hoskings (D6) startsPatricia Quirke (D14) replies
25Gillian James (D12) startsAnn Lewis (D15) replies
25Ann Lewis (D15) repliesGillian James (D12) starts
27Charles Martin (D10) repliesJack Mitchell (D11) starts
27Jack Mitchell (D11) startsCharles Martin (D10) replies
29Adrian Noller (D13) repliesCarmen Toscano (D8) starts
26Julie Preston (D17) repliesKen Bird (D5) starts
23Patricia Quirke (D14) repliesVal Hoskings (D6) starts
24Stephen Robinson (D3) repliesChristine Cartman (D9) starts
29Carmen Toscano (D8) startsAdrian Noller (D13) replies
28Paul Walford (D1) startsPaul Cartman (D7) replies

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