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Heart of England

Division C Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
13–0+169Sandra Davey (C3)1W:387-360:C2
22–1+237Michael Holligan (C11)1W:492-314:C10
32–1+212Richard Woodward (C4)1W:461-317:C7
42–1+108Medina Brown (C7)2L:317-461:C4
52–1+74Ian Nichol (C1)1L:439-473:C5
62–1+62Margaret Pritchett (C2)2L:360-387:C3
72–1+51Minu Anderson (C13)1W:414-345:C12
82–1−48Geoff Cooper (C5)2W:473-439:C1
92–1−63Syd Berger (C9)1W:421-341:C14
101½–1½+6Yvonne McKeon (C8)1T:407-407:C6
11½–2½−54Lois McLeod (C6)2T:407-407:C8
120–3−234David Garland (C12)2L:345-414:C13
130–3−257Esther Kasket (C14)2L:341-421:C9
140–3−263Marlene Skinner (C10)2L:314-492:C11

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