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Heart of England

Division C Low Losses

7281472Sandra Davey (C3)Medina Brown (C7)
1284353Minu Anderson (C13)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
5287472Esther Kasket (C14)Marlene Skinner (C10)
1294458Syd Berger (C9)Medina Brown (C7)
7301355Syd Berger (C9)David Garland (C12)
5305446Ian Nichol (C1)Minu Anderson (C13)
7313401Geoff Cooper (C5)Minu Anderson (C13)
3314492Marlene Skinner (C10)Michael Holligan (C11)
3317461Medina Brown (C7)Richard Woodward (C4)
1317376Michael Holligan (C11)Ian Nichol (C1)
4319382Lois McLeod (C6)Esther Kasket (C14)
4319428Syd Berger (C9)Ian Nichol (C1)
2324375Lois McLeod (C6)Minu Anderson (C13)
6325484Ian Nichol (C1)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
4330410Richard Woodward (C4)Minu Anderson (C13)
2332471David Garland (C12)Sandra Davey (C3)
7333468Ian Nichol (C1)Marlene Skinner (C10)
1335338Lois McLeod (C6)Sandra Davey (C3)
5336346Lois McLeod (C6)David Garland (C12)
6341359Syd Berger (C9)Sandra Davey (C3)
3341421Esther Kasket (C14)Syd Berger (C9)
5342492Sandra Davey (C3)Richard Woodward (C4)
3345414David Garland (C12)Minu Anderson (C13)
2346395Marlene Skinner (C10)Ian Nichol (C1)
5349390Geoff Cooper (C5)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
6349417Lois McLeod (C6)Marlene Skinner (C10)
1349438Esther Kasket (C14)Richard Woodward (C4)
4351410Marlene Skinner (C10)David Garland (C12)
2353374Richard Woodward (C4)Syd Berger (C9)
5357419Syd Berger (C9)Yvonne McKeon (C8)
6357445Minu Anderson (C13)Michael Holligan (C11)
2359447Esther Kasket (C14)Medina Brown (C7)
3360387Sandra Davey (C3)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
4363415Sandra Davey (C3)Michael Holligan (C11)
4366413Margaret Pritchett (C2)Medina Brown (C7)
5371421Medina Brown (C7)Michael Holligan (C11)
6371456David Garland (C12)Esther Kasket (C14)
2376494Geoff Cooper (C5)Michael Holligan (C11)
4376394Yvonne McKeon (C8)Geoff Cooper (C5)
7382388Michael Holligan (C11)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
6383430Medina Brown (C7)Geoff Cooper (C5)
6385406Richard Woodward (C4)Yvonne McKeon (C8)
1387413David Garland (C12)Yvonne McKeon (C8)
7390444Esther Kasket (C14)Lois McLeod (C6)
7408524Yvonne McKeon (C8)Richard Woodward (C4)
1417453Marlene Skinner (C10)Geoff Cooper (C5)
2438458Yvonne McKeon (C8)Margaret Pritchett (C2)
3439473Ian Nichol (C1)Geoff Cooper (C5)

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