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Heart of England

Division C Round 7 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
21Minu Anderson (C13) startsGeoff Cooper (C5) replies
17Syd Berger (C9) repliesDavid Garland (C12) starts
19Medina Brown (C7) startsSandra Davey (C3) replies
21Geoff Cooper (C5) repliesMinu Anderson (C13) starts
19Sandra Davey (C3) repliesMedina Brown (C7) starts
17David Garland (C12) startsSyd Berger (C9) replies
15Michael Holligan (C11) repliesMargaret Pritchett (C2) starts
20Esther Kasket (C14) repliesLois McLeod (C6) starts repeat
16Yvonne McKeon (C8) repliesRichard Woodward (C4) starts repeat
20Lois McLeod (C6) startsEsther Kasket (C14) replies repeat
18Ian Nichol (C1) repliesMarlene Skinner (C10) starts repeat
15Margaret Pritchett (C2) startsMichael Holligan (C11) replies
18Marlene Skinner (C10) startsIan Nichol (C1) replies repeat
16Richard Woodward (C4) startsYvonne McKeon (C8) replies repeat

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