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Heart of England

Division B Low Losses

7261409John Matthews (B8)Jamie Jones (B9)
5266392Stephen Wintle (B7)Temu Oluku (B11)
3291389Stephen Wintle (B7)Steve Balment (B1)
7295463Kathy Richland (B3)Nicky Huitson (B4)
1299408Stephen Wintle (B7)John Matthews (B8)
2300407Steve Balment (B1)John Matthews (B8)
2303502Temu Oluku (B11)Nicky Huitson (B4)
3313384Adrienne Berger (B5)Nicky Huitson (B4)
1313467Jean Rappitt (B6)Kathy Richland (B3)
6315418Temu Oluku (B11)Carol Arthurton (B10)
6318415Elizabeth Hull (B2)Stephen Wintle (B7)
4318380Jean Rappitt (B6)Temu Oluku (B11)
7318414Stephen Wintle (B7)Paul Steadman (B13)
2319404Jean Rappitt (B6)Paul Steadman (B13)
5325402Carol Arthurton (B10)Jean Rappitt (B6)
4326467Carol Arthurton (B10)Stephen Wintle (B7)
7328373Carol Arthurton (B10)Adrienne Berger (B5)
4332485Jamie Jones (B9)Nicky Huitson (B4)
5332360Dorn Osborne (B14)Jill Parker (B12)
2338344Jill Parker (B12)Adrienne Berger (B5)
3340445Kathy Richland (B3)Elizabeth Hull (B2)
5341471Adrienne Berger (B5)Elizabeth Hull (B2)
6344452John Matthews (B8)Nicky Huitson (B4)
1345370Steve Balment (B1)Dorn Osborne (B14)
3349389Carol Arthurton (B10)Paul Steadman (B13)
6355471Adrienne Berger (B5)Kathy Richland (B3)
4359437Dorn Osborne (B14)Elizabeth Hull (B2)
3360386Temu Oluku (B11)Jill Parker (B12)
5360425Paul Steadman (B13)Nicky Huitson (B4)
7366377Steve Balment (B1)Temu Oluku (B11)
4366451Jill Parker (B12)Kathy Richland (B3)
1367407Carol Arthurton (B10)Jamie Jones (B9)
4369389Paul Steadman (B13)John Matthews (B8)
2370413Elizabeth Hull (B2)Jamie Jones (B9)
6370383Paul Steadman (B13)Jill Parker (B12)
1371414Nicky Huitson (B4)Jill Parker (B12)
3375440Jean Rappitt (B6)Jamie Jones (B9)
7377390Jean Rappitt (B6)Dorn Osborne (B14)
6390400Jamie Jones (B9)Dorn Osborne (B14)
1400416Elizabeth Hull (B2)Paul Steadman (B13)
5401404Steve Balment (B1)Kathy Richland (B3)
5401494John Matthews (B8)Jamie Jones (B9)
2403405Dorn Osborne (B14)Stephen Wintle (B7)
7405443Elizabeth Hull (B2)Jill Parker (B12)
6410485Jean Rappitt (B6)Steve Balment (B1)
2415418Carol Arthurton (B10)Kathy Richland (B3)
3416417Dorn Osborne (B14)John Matthews (B8)
1418422Temu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B5)
4435474Steve Balment (B1)Adrienne Berger (B5)

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