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Heart of England

Division A Round 6 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
4Jack Anscomb (A4) repliesJerry Humphreys (A13) starts
7Rick Blakeway (A11) repliesPaul{Tranmere} Thomson (A14) starts
1Russell Byers(GM) (A2) startsStephen Hunt (A3) replies
3Jason Carney(Exp) (A5) repliesAndrew Eames (A10) starts
3Andrew Eames (A10) startsJason Carney(Exp) (A5) replies
2Stu Harkness (A8) repliesSteve{Oxford} Perry (A6) starts
6Stewart Houten (A9) repliesNuala O'Rourke (A12) starts
4Jerry Humphreys (A13) startsJack Anscomb (A4) replies
1Stephen Hunt (A3) repliesRussell Byers(GM) (A2) starts
5Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1) startsNatalie Zolty (A7) replies
6Nuala O'Rourke (A12) startsStewart Houten (A9) replies
2Steve{Oxford} Perry (A6) startsStu Harkness (A8) replies
7Paul{Tranmere} Thomson (A14) startsRick Blakeway (A11) replies
5Natalie Zolty (A7) repliesWayne Kelly(GM) (A1) starts

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