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Festival of Scrabble 2017

Division B Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–1+188Rhoda Gray (B4)1L:374-418:B2starts vs. B1 @8
22–1+145Viv Beckmann (B6)2L:367-424:B3starts vs. B2 @9
32–1+50Tom Wilson (B1)2L:368-382:B9replies vs. B4 @8
42–1+44Mary Morgan (B8)1L:325-397:B5replies vs. B3 @10
52–1+21Temu Oluku (B2)2W:418-374:B4replies vs. B6 @9
62–1−1Rose Kingdom (B9)1W:382-368:B1replies vs. B7 @12
71–2+38Christine Tudge (B5)2W:397-325:B8replies vs. B10 @11
81–2−26Nick Jenkins (B3)1W:424-367:B6starts vs. B8 @10
91–2−149Stany Arnold (B7)1W:433-331:B10starts vs. B9 @12
100–3−310Paul Habershon (B10)2L:331-433:B7starts vs. B5 @11

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