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Festival of Scrabble 2017

Division B Low Spreads

61349348Rose Kingdom (B9)Christine Tudge (B5)
42437435Temu Oluku (B2)Viv Beckmann (B6)
72406404Nick Jenkins (B3)Stany Arnold (B7)
103406403Christine Tudge (B5)Viv Beckmann (B6)
144380376Tom Wilson (B1)Paul Habershon (B10)
135396391Nick Jenkins (B3)Mary Morgan (B8)
196352346Mary Morgan (B8)Viv Beckmann (B6)
68335327Nick Jenkins (B3)Paul Habershon (B10)
1812372360Paul Habershon (B10)Viv Beckmann (B6)
314382368Rose Kingdom (B9)Tom Wilson (B1)
1015344329Rose Kingdom (B9)Paul Habershon (B10)
217354337Temu Oluku (B2)Christine Tudge (B5)
117404387Viv Beckmann (B6)Christine Tudge (B5)
1619385366Tom Wilson (B1)Christine Tudge (B5)
1121385364Temu Oluku (B2)Christine Tudge (B5)
1321370349Rhoda Gray (B4)Tom Wilson (B1)
721332311Viv Beckmann (B6)Mary Morgan (B8)
1922414392Stany Arnold (B7)Rose Kingdom (B9)
523396373Temu Oluku (B2)Nick Jenkins (B3)
224427403Tom Wilson (B1)Nick Jenkins (B3)
425342317Paul Habershon (B10)Christine Tudge (B5)
826360334Temu Oluku (B2)Paul Habershon (B10)
1128359331Stany Arnold (B7)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1229419390Tom Wilson (B1)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1430427397Temu Oluku (B2)Nick Jenkins (B3)
1730388358Mary Morgan (B8)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1033414381Temu Oluku (B2)Tom Wilson (B1)
1537379342Rhoda Gray (B4)Viv Beckmann (B6)
938410372Nick Jenkins (B3)Christine Tudge (B5)
238435397Mary Morgan (B8)Paul Habershon (B10)
140385345Tom Wilson (B1)Temu Oluku (B2)
1541427386Stany Arnold (B7)Tom Wilson (B1)
1343435392Stany Arnold (B7)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1143421378Rose Kingdom (B9)Viv Beckmann (B6)
344418374Temu Oluku (B2)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1547354307Temu Oluku (B2)Mary Morgan (B8)
547430383Mary Morgan (B8)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1748413365Temu Oluku (B2)Paul Habershon (B10)
550430380Viv Beckmann (B6)Stany Arnold (B7)
1951412361Rhoda Gray (B4)Nick Jenkins (B3)
1252389337Mary Morgan (B8)Christine Tudge (B5)
1553478425Nick Jenkins (B3)Paul Habershon (B10)
955407352Rhoda Gray (B4)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1156335279Nick Jenkins (B3)Tom Wilson (B1)
1156432376Mary Morgan (B8)Paul Habershon (B10)
1357387330Temu Oluku (B2)Viv Beckmann (B6)
357424367Nick Jenkins (B3)Viv Beckmann (B6)
1557434377Rose Kingdom (B9)Christine Tudge (B5)
1959422363Tom Wilson (B1)Temu Oluku (B2)
159435376Rhoda Gray (B4)Nick Jenkins (B3)
959365306Paul Habershon (B10)Viv Beckmann (B6)
663425362Temu Oluku (B2)Mary Morgan (B8)
1765358293Nick Jenkins (B3)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1266390324Temu Oluku (B2)Rhoda Gray (B4)
967370303Tom Wilson (B1)Mary Morgan (B8)
967375308Temu Oluku (B2)Stany Arnold (B7)
1669424355Rhoda Gray (B4)Paul Habershon (B10)
372397325Christine Tudge (B5)Mary Morgan (B8)
878448370Rhoda Gray (B4)Mary Morgan (B8)
178457379Mary Morgan (B8)Stany Arnold (B7)
1479414335Christine Tudge (B5)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1280434354Viv Beckmann (B6)Nick Jenkins (B3)
881405324Christine Tudge (B5)Stany Arnold (B7)
482398316Tom Wilson (B1)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1382445363Christine Tudge (B5)Paul Habershon (B10)
1682425343Viv Beckmann (B6)Mary Morgan (B8)
1883429346Rose Kingdom (B9)Rhoda Gray (B4)
1686438352Stany Arnold (B7)Nick Jenkins (B3)
489397308Nick Jenkins (B3)Mary Morgan (B8)
1491410319Viv Beckmann (B6)Stany Arnold (B7)
1894426332Tom Wilson (B1)Mary Morgan (B8)
598439341Rhoda Gray (B4)Christine Tudge (B5)
3102433331Stany Arnold (B7)Paul Habershon (B10)
12103426323Paul Habershon (B10)Stany Arnold (B7)
19106409303Christine Tudge (B5)Paul Habershon (B10)
17106431325Stany Arnold (B7)Christine Tudge (B5)
6110428318Rhoda Gray (B4)Viv Beckmann (B6)
14111401290Mary Morgan (B8)Rose Kingdom (B9)
8115442327Tom Wilson (B1)Viv Beckmann (B6)
8122434312Rose Kingdom (B9)Nick Jenkins (B3)
5123437314Tom Wilson (B1)Paul Habershon (B10)
6123489366Tom Wilson (B1)Stany Arnold (B7)
10126384258Stany Arnold (B7)Mary Morgan (B8)
7136453317Tom Wilson (B1)Christine Tudge (B5)
18145453308Temu Oluku (B2)Stany Arnold (B7)
18146486340Christine Tudge (B5)Nick Jenkins (B3)
16162459297Temu Oluku (B2)Rose Kingdom (B9)
1170525355Rose Kingdom (B9)Paul Habershon (B10)
2173505332Rhoda Gray (B4)Stany Arnold (B7)
4177470293Stany Arnold (B7)Rose Kingdom (B9)
7184447263Rhoda Gray (B4)Paul Habershon (B10)
2185476291Viv Beckmann (B6)Rose Kingdom (B9)
7192494302Temu Oluku (B2)Rose Kingdom (B9)
10201485284Nick Jenkins (B3)Rhoda Gray (B4)
17248525277Tom Wilson (B1)Viv Beckmann (B6)

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