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Festival of Scrabble 2017

Division B Round 1 Alphabetic Pairings

11Stany Arnold (B7) repliesMary Morgan (B8) starts
10Viv Beckmann (B6) repliesChristine Tudge (B5) starts
9Rhoda Gray (B4) startsNick Jenkins (B3) replies
12Paul Habershon (B10) repliesRose Kingdom (B9) starts
9Nick Jenkins (B3) repliesRhoda Gray (B4) starts
12Rose Kingdom (B9) startsPaul Habershon (B10) replies
11Mary Morgan (B8) startsStany Arnold (B7) replies
8Temu Oluku (B2) repliesTom Wilson (B1) starts
10Christine Tudge (B5) startsViv Beckmann (B6) replies
8Tom Wilson (B1) startsTemu Oluku (B2) replies

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