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Festival of Scrabble 2017

Division A Round 4 Alphabetic Pairings

7Stewart Brodie (A11) startsMargaret Harkness (A12) replies
5James Burley (A6) startsBob Violett(Exp) (A5) replies
4Chris Finlay (A7) startsPhil Kelly (A8) replies
7Margaret Harkness (A12) repliesStewart Brodie (A11) starts
6Nicky Huitson (A13) repliesPeter Thorpe (A14) starts
1Wayne Kelly(GM) (A1) repliesColin Northmore (A2) starts
4Phil Kelly (A8) repliesChris Finlay (A7) starts
2Ruth MacInerney (A9) repliesDavid Shenkin (A10) starts
1Colin Northmore (A2) startsWayne Kelly(GM) (A1) replies
3Steve{Oxford} Perry (A4) repliesNatalie Zolty (A3) starts
2David Shenkin (A10) startsRuth MacInerney (A9) replies
6Peter Thorpe (A14) startsNicky Huitson (A13) replies
5Bob Violett(Exp) (A5) repliesJames Burley (A6) starts
3Natalie Zolty (A3) startsSteve{Oxford} Perry (A4) replies

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