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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017


 Division ADivision BDivision CDivision DDivision E
Registered Players108888
Scored Players108888
Active Players108888
Minimum Rating15714613511797
Mean Rating174.4151.6139.6126.8105.9
Median Rating171.5152138.5128105
Maximum Rating200157146134115
Unrated Players00000
Total Games Played7560606057
Games Tied10100
Total Points Scored6246447315473084572941588
Mean Points Scored832.9788.6788.5762.1729.6
Mean Spread89.572.783.666.068.5
Higher Rated Win %66.0%48.3%54.2%51.7%56.1%
Rating Points Per Spread0.38-1.530.400.700.47
Starter Win%47.3%60.0%50.8%53.3%63.2%
Starter Score423.2400.0398.6384.9373.6
Replier Score409.7388.6389.9377.3356.0
Starting Advantage13.511.58.77.617.5

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