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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division E Low Wins

11330311Georgina Cook (E2)Betty Toole (E8)
4334331Gary Jones (E5)Brigitte Brath (E1)
6338312Betty Toole (E8)Peggy Fehily (E4)
5342337Georgina Cook (E2)Peggy Fehily (E4)
1347311Dan Smith (E3)Betty Toole (E8)
6349298Gary Jones (E5)Dan Smith (E3)
2353340Brigitte Brath (E1)Betty Toole (E8)
13354339Peggy Fehily (E4)Betty Toole (E8)
11359336Dan Smith (E3)Mags Treanor (E7)
14359311Peggy Fehily (E4)Mags Treanor (E7)
3359288Gary Jones (E5)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
8360353Dan Smith (E3)Betty Toole (E8)
9365317Brigitte Brath (E1)Betty Toole (E8)
10368348Ruth Cawsey (E6)Gary Jones (E5)
15377350Brigitte Brath (E1)Betty Toole (E8)
1379365Peggy Fehily (E4)Brigitte Brath (E1)
5379325Betty Toole (E8)Gary Jones (E5)
10383381Betty Toole (E8)Mags Treanor (E7)
14386322Betty Toole (E8)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
4389253Betty Toole (E8)Georgina Cook (E2)
1392321Ruth Cawsey (E6)Georgina Cook (E2)
12393344Mags Treanor (E7)Brigitte Brath (E1)
3394304Dan Smith (E3)Peggy Fehily (E4)
9395361Gary Jones (E5)Peggy Fehily (E4)
8396326Brigitte Brath (E1)Peggy Fehily (E4)
8396376Georgina Cook (E2)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
7396333Peggy Fehily (E4)Mags Treanor (E7)
11397285Ruth Cawsey (E6)Peggy Fehily (E4)
2397303Mags Treanor (E7)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
3397334Betty Toole (E8)Mags Treanor (E7)
2398290Dan Smith (E3)Georgina Cook (E2)
9398351Dan Smith (E3)Georgina Cook (E2)
6399323Brigitte Brath (E1)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
7401388Dan Smith (E3)Brigitte Brath (E1)
13403379Brigitte Brath (E1)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
4404350Peggy Fehily (E4)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
2406367Peggy Fehily (E4)Gary Jones (E5)
6408375Mags Treanor (E7)Georgina Cook (E2)
12409315Georgina Cook (E2)Peggy Fehily (E4)
8409322Gary Jones (E5)Mags Treanor (E7)
4409368Mags Treanor (E7)Dan Smith (E3)
7416340Ruth Cawsey (E6)Betty Toole (E8)
10424277Dan Smith (E3)Peggy Fehily (E4)
7424390Gary Jones (E5)Georgina Cook (E2)
12425396Gary Jones (E5)Betty Toole (E8)
5433291Dan Smith (E3)Ruth Cawsey (E6)
15440273Peggy Fehily (E4)Mags Treanor (E7)
15442369Gary Jones (E5)Dan Smith (E3)
14446258Brigitte Brath (E1)Dan Smith (E3)
1448292Gary Jones (E5)Mags Treanor (E7)
12450319Ruth Cawsey (E6)Dan Smith (E3)
5455338Brigitte Brath (E1)Mags Treanor (E7)
9456301Ruth Cawsey (E6)Mags Treanor (E7)
11464347Brigitte Brath (E1)Gary Jones (E5)
10464356Georgina Cook (E2)Brigitte Brath (E1)
13475275Dan Smith (E3)Gary Jones (E5)
3478376Georgina Cook (E2)Brigitte Brath (E1)

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