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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division E Round 15 Alphabetic Pairings

19Brigitte Brath (E1) startsBetty Toole (E8) replies 3peat
20Ruth Cawsey (E6) startsGeorgina Cook (E2) replies 3peat
20Georgina Cook (E2) repliesRuth Cawsey (E6) starts 3peat
21Peggy Fehily (E4) repliesMags Treanor (E7) starts 3peat
18Gary Jones (E5) startsDan Smith (E3) replies 3peat
18Dan Smith (E3) repliesGary Jones (E5) starts 3peat
19Betty Toole (E8) repliesBrigitte Brath (E1) starts 3peat
21Mags Treanor (E7) startsPeggy Fehily (E4) replies 3peat

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