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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division D Low Spreads

21375374Syd Berger (D7)Ann Golding (D6)
32409407Ann Golding (D6)Alan Abela (D2)
53406403Barbara Morris (D8)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
54406402Alan Abela (D2)Marie Senior (D4)
144379375Barbara Morris (D8)Syd Berger (D7)
125379374Ann Golding (D6)Damian O'Malley (D3)
146382376Ann Golding (D6)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
212416404Rosalind Wilson (D5)Marie Senior (D4)
212375363Barbara Morris (D8)Paul Steadman (D1)
413404391Damian O'Malley (D3)Paul Steadman (D1)
1415366351Marie Senior (D4)Damian O'Malley (D3)
315360345Rosalind Wilson (D5)Syd Berger (D7)
1118422404Ann Golding (D6)Barbara Morris (D8)
1322386364Paul Steadman (D1)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
124424400Marie Senior (D4)Barbara Morris (D8)
627396369Barbara Morris (D8)Alan Abela (D2)
928420392Rosalind Wilson (D5)Marie Senior (D4)
529405376Ann Golding (D6)Damian O'Malley (D3)
731400369Marie Senior (D4)Damian O'Malley (D3)
731370339Barbara Morris (D8)Syd Berger (D7)
1032435403Syd Berger (D7)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
935410375Paul Steadman (D1)Barbara Morris (D8)
1339390351Marie Senior (D4)Ann Golding (D6)
541425384Paul Steadman (D1)Syd Berger (D7)
444361317Rosalind Wilson (D5)Alan Abela (D2)
1544390346Ann Golding (D6)Syd Berger (D7)
1046394348Damian O'Malley (D3)Barbara Morris (D8)
1346408362Damian O'Malley (D3)Syd Berger (D7)
752388336Rosalind Wilson (D5)Ann Golding (D6)
1253406353Paul Steadman (D1)Syd Berger (D7)
1055335280Alan Abela (D2)Ann Golding (D6)
957409352Alan Abela (D2)Damian O'Malley (D3)
1163367304Marie Senior (D4)Syd Berger (D7)
666408342Damian O'Malley (D3)Syd Berger (D7)
666418352Ann Golding (D6)Marie Senior (D4)
169373304Alan Abela (D2)Syd Berger (D7)
970387317Syd Berger (D7)Ann Golding (D6)
676400324Paul Steadman (D1)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
177443366Damian O'Malley (D3)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
177377300Ann Golding (D6)Paul Steadman (D1)
1579386307Rosalind Wilson (D5)Alan Abela (D2)
1190409319Damian O'Malley (D3)Paul Steadman (D1)
1590394304Damian O'Malley (D3)Paul Steadman (D1)
1192462370Alan Abela (D2)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
296403307Alan Abela (D2)Damian O'Malley (D3)
8100421321Paul Steadman (D1)Ann Golding (D6)
8102392290Marie Senior (D4)Barbara Morris (D8)
13110396286Barbara Morris (D8)Alan Abela (D2)
7117428311Alan Abela (D2)Paul Steadman (D1)
3124488364Paul Steadman (D1)Marie Senior (D4)
4130457327Marie Senior (D4)Syd Berger (D7)
8136488352Alan Abela (D2)Syd Berger (D7)
14141460319Alan Abela (D2)Paul Steadman (D1)
8142469327Damian O'Malley (D3)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
12148492344Barbara Morris (D8)Rosalind Wilson (D5)
12150517367Alan Abela (D2)Marie Senior (D4)
15154488334Barbara Morris (D8)Marie Senior (D4)
4173479306Barbara Morris (D8)Ann Golding (D6)
3187524337Damian O'Malley (D3)Barbara Morris (D8)
10188487299Paul Steadman (D1)Marie Senior (D4)

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