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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division D Round 9 Alphabetic Pairings

16Alan Abela (D2) repliesDamian O'Malley (D3) starts repeat
17Syd Berger (D7) startsAnn Golding (D6) replies repeat
17Ann Golding (D6) repliesSyd Berger (D7) starts repeat
14Barbara Morris (D8) startsPaul Steadman (D1) replies repeat
16Damian O'Malley (D3) startsAlan Abela (D2) replies repeat
15Marie Senior (D4) startsRosalind Wilson (D5) replies repeat
14Paul Steadman (D1) repliesBarbara Morris (D8) starts repeat
15Rosalind Wilson (D5) repliesMarie Senior (D4) starts repeat

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