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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division C Round 5 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
14–1+171Adrienne Berger (C3)1W:357-321:C8starts vs. C7 @12
23–2+245Nigel Turner (C1)2L:276-451:C4replies vs. C5 @10
33–2+122Peter Thorpe (C8)2L:321-357:C3starts vs. C2 @11
43–2+25Ginny Dixon (C7)1W:453-343:C5replies vs. C3 @12
52–3−24Stephen Wintle (C6)1L:423-596:C2replies vs. C4 @13
62–3−157Nicky Huitson (C2)2W:596-423:C6replies vs. C8 @11
72–3−368Stewart Brodie (C5)2L:343-453:C7starts vs. C1 @10
81–4−14Frankie Latham (C4)1W:451-276:C1starts vs. C6 @13

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