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Broadstairs Seaside Special 15th and 16th July 2017

Division C High Wins

5596423Nicky Huitson (C2)Stephen Wintle (C6)
7577365Nigel Turner (C1)Stephen Wintle (C6)
2551306Stephen Wintle (C6)Stewart Brodie (C5)
2511323Peter Thorpe (C8)Ginny Dixon (C7)
10502323Nicky Huitson (C2)Stewart Brodie (C5)
4499322Ginny Dixon (C7)Stephen Wintle (C6)
9497394Adrienne Berger (C3)Frankie Latham (C4)
2491301Nigel Turner (C1)Nicky Huitson (C2)
4487318Adrienne Berger (C3)Nicky Huitson (C2)
7480408Stewart Brodie (C5)Adrienne Berger (C3)
13479407Nigel Turner (C1)Stewart Brodie (C5)
1478419Nicky Huitson (C2)Frankie Latham (C4)
8475385Peter Thorpe (C8)Stewart Brodie (C5)
6473351Frankie Latham (C4)Stephen Wintle (C6)
12468326Adrienne Berger (C3)Peter Thorpe (C8)
1464324Stephen Wintle (C6)Adrienne Berger (C3)
7462355Ginny Dixon (C7)Nicky Huitson (C2)
11461375Stewart Brodie (C5)Frankie Latham (C4)
8459395Nicky Huitson (C2)Frankie Latham (C4)
10456407Frankie Latham (C4)Ginny Dixon (C7)
5453343Ginny Dixon (C7)Stewart Brodie (C5)
5451276Frankie Latham (C4)Nigel Turner (C1)
6439312Nigel Turner (C1)Stewart Brodie (C5)
3439380Peter Thorpe (C8)Stephen Wintle (C6)
15435410Ginny Dixon (C7)Stephen Wintle (C6)
11432282Adrienne Berger (C3)Nicky Huitson (C2)
15426334Frankie Latham (C4)Nicky Huitson (C2)
4426402Stewart Brodie (C5)Frankie Latham (C4)
10424362Adrienne Berger (C3)Nigel Turner (C1)
14424362Adrienne Berger (C3)Stewart Brodie (C5)
14423365Nigel Turner (C1)Stephen Wintle (C6)
12423363Stewart Brodie (C5)Ginny Dixon (C7)
8419390Nigel Turner (C1)Ginny Dixon (C7)
15419413Adrienne Berger (C3)Nigel Turner (C1)
2418342Adrienne Berger (C3)Frankie Latham (C4)
13418297Frankie Latham (C4)Stephen Wintle (C6)
11417404Peter Thorpe (C8)Nigel Turner (C1)
1415311Nigel Turner (C1)Ginny Dixon (C7)
9415301Nigel Turner (C1)Nicky Huitson (C2)
4412256Nigel Turner (C1)Peter Thorpe (C8)
3408378Ginny Dixon (C7)Frankie Latham (C4)
6407372Nicky Huitson (C2)Peter Thorpe (C8)
3406376Adrienne Berger (C3)Nigel Turner (C1)
15406381Peter Thorpe (C8)Stewart Brodie (C5)
11403318Stephen Wintle (C6)Ginny Dixon (C7)
12398341Nicky Huitson (C2)Stephen Wintle (C6)
14396378Frankie Latham (C4)Peter Thorpe (C8)
6395294Adrienne Berger (C3)Ginny Dixon (C7)
12388367Frankie Latham (C4)Nigel Turner (C1)
1386319Peter Thorpe (C8)Stewart Brodie (C5)
14382370Nicky Huitson (C2)Ginny Dixon (C7)
9381311Stewart Brodie (C5)Stephen Wintle (C6)
10381319Peter Thorpe (C8)Stephen Wintle (C6)
7380343Frankie Latham (C4)Peter Thorpe (C8)
9376350Ginny Dixon (C7)Peter Thorpe (C8)
13362358Adrienne Berger (C3)Ginny Dixon (C7)
8358352Stephen Wintle (C6)Adrienne Berger (C3)
5357321Adrienne Berger (C3)Peter Thorpe (C8)
3340310Stewart Brodie (C5)Nicky Huitson (C2)

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