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Pairs and Singles Scrabble® Tournament

Victory Hall, Chigwell, Essex IG7 6QX, 12th July 2015

Player Rosters

Division A
1180Rik Kennedy
2176Gerry Carter
3175Elie Dangoor
4175Calum Edwards
5173John Ashmore
6169Bob Violett
7168Diane Pratesi
8168Mohamed Kamara
9167Steve Perry
10166Craig Solomons
11165Vince Boyle
12164Sandie Simonis
13164Danny Bekhor
14160Barry Grossman
15159Mike Whiteoak
16156Kevin Synnott
17152David Shenkin
18152Peter Thomas
19151Cecil Muscat
20151Rachelle Whiteoak
21151Feroza Bartlett
22150Andrew Eames
23148Anne Ashmore
24148Evelyn Wallace
25147Nicky Huitson
26147Ruth MacInerney
27146James Burley
28140Victoria Kingham
29138Marc Meakin
30137Sue Ball
31137Anlaug Frydenlund
32137Len Edwards
33135Derek Bower
34133Noel Barnes
35132Ann Golding
36131Phyllis Fernandez
37130Martin Bloomberg
38124Geoff Cooper
39121Cody McCormick
40120Anne Darby
41108Peter Thorpe
42107Sara Hardy
4399Lena Cook
4494Viv Bishop
4593Jacqui White
4688Rosemarie Howis
4785Cindy Hollyer
4884Claire Violett
4982Renee Gilbert
5053Stella Burley

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