Frequently Asked Questions (28 January 2009)


Q. Should clocks be used?

A. Yes, normal ABSP Game Rules apply.


Q. Who starts?

A. Draw for the first game, then alternate starts and replies until the decider whereupon the leader starts. If the match is tied (i.e. 3-3 in the first round) then the leader on spread starts. If there has been a draw and someone is leading 3.5-2.5 (again for a first round match) then the leader in games starts.


Q. Do all the games need to be played in one session?

A. No, whatever is most convenient for the two parties involved.


Q. Should we play all 7, 9 etc games?

A. No, not unless required, the match finishes when someone wins 4 games in a best of 7 match (5 in a best of 9 etc) and no further games should be played as they will not be rated.


Q. Can we use our own scoresheets?

A. Yes, use whatever personal scoresheets you are used to, but please fill out the match result scoresheet for our records.


Q. I am in the second round already. Do I need to pay another 10 fee?

A. No. You will just pay the match fee for matches you actually play.


Q. I am in the second round already. Should I play my match best of 7 or best of 9 games?
A. Second round matches are all best of 7 games this year, the winner is the first to 4.


Q. Can I concede at any point?

A. Yes, but your opponent must accept it and it should not be done to gain unfair advantage i.e. Your opponent needs to beat you by 200 in the last game to win the match and you concede to prevent them from doing that.


Q. What is this about penalty challenges?

A. For 2009 all matches played in BEST 5 point penalty challenges will apply. Note that the rule states that the penalty for an incorrect challenge is 5 points PER WORD challenged. Thus if 2 words are challenged the penalty is 10 points. This is added to the move score for that move.