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The Final Fling, 5th-6th January 2014.

Division D Round 14 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
110–4+531Steve Balment (D5/Eng)1W:424-372:D7D10
210–4+464Ted Anscomb (D8/Eng)1W:392-326:D4D3
39–5+421Barbara Lukey (D1/Eng)1W:420-331:D6D4
48–6−117Syd Berger (D4/Eng)2L:326-392:D8D1
57–7−99Jenny Sakamoto (D3/Eng)2W:468-262:D9D8
66–8+103Geoff Cooper (D2/Eng)1W:378-335:D10D6
76–8−393Kenneth Lovell (D9/Eng)1L:262-468:D3D7
85–9−119Linda Moir (D6/Eng)2L:331-420:D1D2
95–9−273Sree Sukumar (D7/Eng)2L:372-424:D5D9
104–10−518Bobbie Penn (D10/Eng)2L:335-378:D2D5

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