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The Final Fling, 5th-6th January 2014.

Division A Round 13 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
111–2+1233Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)2W:491-318:A8A10
211–2+942Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)2W:430-394:A7A6
38–5+66Jack Durand (A10/Eng)2W:433-406:A3A2
47–6−14Steve Perry (A7/Eng)1L:394-430:A1A5
56–7+66Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)1W:501-284:A5A3
66–7+21Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)1L:406-433:A10A9
75–8−52Bob Violett (A4/Eng)1W:466-344:A6A8
85–8−830Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)2L:344-466:A4A1
93–10−626Karen Richards (A5/AUS)2L:284-501:A9A7
103–10−806Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)1L:318-491:A2A4

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