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The Final Fling, 5th-6th January 2014.

Division A High Spreads

5305576271Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
6302569267Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
4267574307Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
5251538287Karen Richards (A5/AUS)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
16227509282Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
13217501284Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
4211458247Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
8209564355Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
10202581379Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
12197582385Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
15185539354Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
7182544362Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
8176494318Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
13173491318Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
2167486319Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
10154504350Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
1137475338Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
16133510377Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
15130494364Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
6126430304Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
11123483360Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
13122466344Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
11120468348Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
11108531423Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
9104435331Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
8104461357Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
14100503403Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
1798475377Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
1791472381Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
1888501413Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
1783456373Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
281476395Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
1281467386Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
981419338Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
1080440360Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
1575478403Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
674451377Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
372516444Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
1572445373Karen Richards (A5/AUS)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
1670517447Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
269439370Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
569429360Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
1667442375Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
366436370Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
1063459396Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
760454394Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
460462402Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
560420360Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
359491432Karen Richards (A5/AUS)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
1254441387Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
349405356Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
1247462415Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
1445471426Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
1642395353Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
242441399Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
1140370330Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
1437425388Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
1336430394Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
1836369333Karen Richards (A5/AUS)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
635412377Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
532418386Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
431391360Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
1431445414Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
130462432Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
1430424394Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
1028334306Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
1327433406Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
1825371346Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
723439416Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
1522411389Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
819430411Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
919443424Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)
1719418399Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
916454438Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
416397381Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)
1815491476Wayne Kelly (A3/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
114425411Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
1714381367Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
712456444Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
611383372Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
119423414Bob Violett (A4/Eng)Jack Anscomb (A9/Eng)
17405398Karen Richards (A5/AUS)Bob Violett (A4/Eng)
35439434Steve Perry (A7/Eng)Jack Durand (A10/Eng)
24379375Jack Durand (A10/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)
11416415Nuala O'Rourke (A6/IRL)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)
121415414Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Karen Richards (A5/AUS)
180393393Neil Rowley (A8/Eng)Steve Perry (A7/Eng)

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