Q. Who starts?

A. Draw for the first game, then alternate starts and replies thereafter. If the match is tied going into a decider (i.e. 3-3 in the first round) then the leader on spread starts. If there has been a draw and someone is leading 3.5-2.5 (again for a first round match) then the leader in games starts.


Q. Do all the games need to be played in one session?

A. No, whatever is most convenient for the two parties involved.When the match is concluded, it will be rated as though all the games were played on the same/last day.


Q. Should we play all 7, 9 etc. games?

A. No, not unless required, the match ends when someone wins 4 games in a best of 7 match (5 in best of 9 etc.) - no further games should be played as they will not be rated.


Q. Should clocks be used?        

A. Yes, normal WESPA Game Rules apply.


Q. What is the challenge mode?

A. 5 point penalty challenges will apply. Note that the rule states that the penalty for an incorrect challenge is 5 points PER WORD challenged. Thus if 2 valid words are challenged the penalty is 10 points. This is added to the move score for that move.


Q. Can I concede/forfeit at any point?

A. No concessions or forfeits are allowed under current BEST rules.


Q. Will my first game be a round 1 match? 

A. This will vary depending on how many players are in your region.


Q. What about the dictionary update coming in 2019 Ė will that affect BEST?

A. The ABSP are likely to announce an official adoption date for the new dictionary, and any matches played after that time should be played to CSW19. 


Q. Iím scheduled to play someone I donít know - can I play somewhere neutral? 

A. You can play your match wherever is convenient and comfortable such as a third Scrabbler's home, alongside another BEST match, a bar, a cafe, a library, a narrowboat etc.


Q. I've just played my match, now what? 

A. The match result, together with the individual game scores should be sent to Chris and Natalie so the results can be published and the games rated.


Q. How can I help make BEST bigger and better than before?

A. Promote your games on social media, share board pictures, interesting plays, match reports and any annotations.


Q. What if I have a question that isnít covered in these FAQs?

A. Contact the organisers.If enough others have the same query, it will be added.