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BEST stands for British Isles Elimination Scrabble Tournament. BEST is a KNOCKOUT tournament, where matches are contested over a number of games against a single opponent. Scrabblers may play their match wherever they wish, and on any date or dates before the deadline. Fixtures are manually drawn to minimise travel and produce as many competitive matches as possible.

Entries for BEST 2018 are now closed, and the draw made

For any enquiries please contact Craig Beevers by email, via Facebook or by mobile on 07928 816577.

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Current Entry List


The prize fund for BEST 2018 is 1,250. Prizes are cumulative. For instance the overall winner will get the prize for winning their region, and a prize for each match won after that point.

* Please note that the three top prizes include the option of reducing the prize to instead cover travel expenses, if both players agree.

Sponsorship, Donations and Money from Streaming

Any further sponsorship or donations will be added straight into the prize pool. Sponsors will have their logo displayed on all BEST coverage webpages, with link to their website, as well as the logo displayed on the official streaming channel of BEST 2018 - evil_budgie on Twitch. Donors and sponsors may specify their monies go to a particular prize or region if they wish.

After costs are met any monies raised via evil_budgie on Twitch during a streamed match will be split between the two players, commentators, channel owner and director.




Will my first game be a round 1 match? This will vary depending on how many players are in your region. Most players will start in round 2 or 3. In regions where there is a big range of ratings, the lowest rated players are more likely to start at round 1, whilst the highest rated are more likely to start at round 3. This allows lower rated players to play more competitive games, whilst gradually phasing in higher rated players.

I'm worried about playing someone unknown/weird at my/their house, can I play somewhere neutral? Scrabblers are weird, and of course you can play your match wherever is convenient and comfortable. A third Scrabbler's home, alongside another BEST match, a pub, bar, cafe, library, a yacht, a narrow boat, the possibilities are endless. Indeed there will be a prize for best location - to enter just send a photograph of yourselves, the location and the Scrabble set.

I want to play my match against two or more days, how does it work? Absolutely fine. When the match is concluded it will be rated as though all the games were played on the same/last day.

I've just played my match, now what? The score of each individual game needs to be sent to Craig so he can input the results into the ABSP database. Please also include the player who started the first game (which then alternates).

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