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Festival of Scrabble 2013

Division A Round 13 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast Game
112–1+1193ATerry Kirk (A1)1W:380-329:A2
29–4+589AJohn Ashmore (A5)1W:450-326:A6
39–4+121BAnne Ashmore (A10)2W:453-364:A9
48½–4½+613AWayne Kelly (A2)2L:329-380:A1
57–6+548AChris Vicary (A4)1W:499-389:A3
67–6-206AAshley Coldrick (A7)2L:407-493:A8
76½–6½+153ACecil Muscat (A3)2L:389-499:A4
86–7-383BPhilip Kelly (A12)1L:372-515:A11
95–8+36BBob Violett (A8)1W:493-407:A7
105–8-517ASteve Perry (A6)2L:326-450:A5
115–8-548BValerie Nash (A13)1L:391-499:A14
125–8-584BJojo Delia (A11)2W:515-372:A12
133–10-406BRuth Macinerney (A9)1L:364-453:A10
143–10-609BAnne Darby (A14)2W:499-391:A13

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