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Festival of Scrabble 2013

Division A Round 10 Alphabetic Pairings

44Anne Ashmore (A10) startsJohn Ashmore (A5) replies
44John Ashmore (A5) repliesAnne Ashmore (A10) starts
77Ashley Coldrick (A7) startsPhilip Kelly (A12) replies
55Anne Darby (A14) startsRuth Macinerney (A9) replies
66Jojo Delia (A11) startsValerie Nash (A13) replies
77Philip Kelly (A12) repliesAshley Coldrick (A7) starts
22Wayne Kelly (A2) repliesSteve Perry (A6) starts
11Terry Kirk (A1) repliesChris Vicary (A4) starts
55Ruth Macinerney (A9) repliesAnne Darby (A14) starts
33Cecil Muscat (A3) startsBob Violett (A8) replies
66Valerie Nash (A13) repliesJojo Delia (A11) starts
22Steve Perry (A6) startsWayne Kelly (A2) replies
11Chris Vicary (A4) startsTerry Kirk (A1) replies
33Bob Violett (A8) repliesCecil Muscat (A3) starts

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