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Staverton Park, Daventry
29-30 December 2011

Division B Firsts and Seconds

#Player1st2ndRecord of Firsts and Seconds
1Adrienne Berger78122112211221122
2Kim Hands87122112211221121
3Philip Aldous87211221122112211
4Peter Darby78211221122112212
5Ginny Dixon78122112211221212
6Yvonne Eade87122112211212121
7Nicky Huitson87211221122112121
8Marjorie Struggles78211221122121212
9Steve Balment78122112212121212
10Geoff Cooper87122112121212121
11Carol Smith87211221121212121
12Ted Lewis78211221212121212
13Rhoda Gray78122121212121212
14Jill Bright87121212121212121
15Margaret Harkness87211212121212121
16Leonora Hutton78212121212121212

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