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ABSP Masters
2-3 July 2011

Firsts and Seconds

#Player1st2ndRecord of Firsts and Seconds
1Mark Nyman882121122221211211
2Paul Allan882111122221211212
3Helen Gipson881212211112122122
4Lewis Mackay881222211112122121
5Wayne Kelly882121122221121211
6Martin Harrison882112121221211212
7Craig Beevers881212211112212122
8Phil Robertshaw881221212112122121
9David Webb881121122222121211
10Evan Simpson972112121211211221
11Theresa Brousson882212211111212122
12Neil Scott791221212122122112
13Allan Simmons881121122122122211
14Jared Robinson882212121211211122
15Gary Oliver882212211211211122
16Terry Kirk881121212122122211

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