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Cock of the North 2011
Quality Hotel, Coventry
7-9 October 2011

Division B High Losses

4445459BFay Madeley (B8)Valerie Morris (B11)
11417456ANicky Huitson (B2)Sue Bowman (B3)
21416443ASue Bowman (B3)Ted Lewis (B5)
13414427BLinda Moir (B12)Barbara Goodban (B4)
1409428BAnne Darby (B9)Nicky Huitson (B2)
20404442BBreda O'Brien (B7)Anne Darby (B9)
22398408AGeoff Cooper (B6)Breda O'Brien (B7)
10397460BValerie Morris (B11)Geoff Cooper (B6)
20396408AGeoff Cooper (B6)Rowan Callaghan (B1)
18395404ASue Bowman (B3)Barbara Goodban (B4)
10395408BBreda O'Brien (B7)Nicky Huitson (B2)
22394437ASue Bowman (B3)Nicky Huitson (B2)
3394445AGeoff Cooper (B6)Sue Bowman (B3)
11394425AGeoff Cooper (B6)Breda O'Brien (B7)
10394400BLinda Moir (B12)Fay Madeley (B8)
11391401ARowan Callaghan (B1)Linda Moir (B12)
15389392ATed Lewis (B5)Nicky Huitson (B2)
19389391AGeoff Cooper (B6)Barbara Goodban (B4)
14384488ABarbara Goodban (B4)Nicky Huitson (B2)
16384430BFay Madeley (B8)Geoff Cooper (B6)

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