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Cock of the North 2011
Quality Hotel, Coventry
7-9 October 2011

Division A Low Losses

15231575BEileen Meghen (A11)John Ashmore (A3)
12255461AKay McColgan (A6)Alastair Richards (A2)
15258498BJill Parker (A13)Karen Richards (A4)
14272489AKay McColgan (A6)Steve Perry (A5)
17273498ABartosz Pieta (A7)Alastair Richards (A2)
5275550BGinny Dixon (A14)Wayne Kelly (A1)
9284488ASteve Perry (A5)Bartosz Pieta (A7)
9286425AKay McColgan (A6)Ginny Dixon (A14)
12287425ABartosz Pieta (A7)Len Moir (A12)
10292535BJill Parker (A13)Steve Perry (A5)
6295420BLen Moir (A12)Eileen Meghen (A11)
20299415BLen Moir (A12)Karen Richards (A4)
19301364BMary Allen (A9)John Ashmore (A3)
3304436AJohn Ashmore (A3)Jill Parker (A13)
18305414BMary Allen (A9)Ginny Dixon (A14)
19306548BGinny Dixon (A14)Alastair Richards (A2)
9307516BEileen Meghen (A11)Alastair Richards (A2)
21311395AJohn Ashmore (A3)Karen Richards (A4)
3312533BGinny Dixon (A14)Alastair Richards (A2)
22313410AAlastair Richards (A2)John Ashmore (A3)

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