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CentreStar Peebles - Barony Castle
27 February - 2 March 2009

Firsts and Seconds

#Player1st2ndRecord of Firsts and Seconds
1Byrne Amy78221122112211212
2Johnson Trish87221122112211121
3Jenkins Nicholas87121122112112212
4Anderson Minu87221122211221111
5Harrison John78121122122112212
6Gray Rhoda87221112211221121
7Green Juliet87111221122112221
8Bain Nora78212212211221112
9Wall Rose78112221122112212
10Winter Gordon78212211211221122
11Wilkie Isla87112211221112221
12Byrne Martin78212211221122121
13Roberts Paul87112211221122211
14MacFarlane Duncan78122111122221122

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